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Most people believe that they pose little risk for the purchase of life insurance. But risk is relative - and don’t always spring from a medical issue. High Risk can also include a history such as early death of a parent, especially if that death was due to early onset of coronary disease. At Excalibur - we’ve got you covered!


Excalibur Brokerage provides easy and free instant life insurance quotes in 8 quick steps, and helps you find affordable term life insurance rates from multiple term life insurance policy providers.


Our team of experienced life insurance brokers is dedicated to helping you grow your business by providing you with top notch programs and services that will make it easier for you to get the affordable life insurance policy coverages you need and capture new clients.


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 Trying to find the right insurance company and policy to meet your specific needs isn’t easy in what seems to be the overcrowded insurance maze. Whether you are a life insurance broker representing product, or a consumer needing to buy, there seems to be no end to insurance companies offering THEIR information without really understanding YOUR needs and circumstances. Whatever the type of insurance you are seeking – from Final Expense to Impaired Risk, Term Life or Whole Life, Guaranteed Issue Insurance to Long Term Care, Disability Insurance to Annuities. At Excalibur Brokerage Agency, we’re different! The information you supply is analyzed against a broad spectrum of products and companies before providing you with an illustrative quote or comparison to review. We can also fill in any missing pieces to help you further navigate through the maze. Our goal is to provide you with the best information that will satisfy all of your insurance needs, at the best available cost. When it comes to critical decisions that affect your life, would you choose a rookie to guide you, or specialists with many years of experience and the right tools to do the best job possible for you?



We are specialists, offering all forms of life and health insurance, from the impaired risk marketplace for people with health issues, to Traditional Life, Low Cost Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care, and Annuities. 

 A Term Life Insurance Quote Can Be Yours without any Hassle.

 Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Cheap Life Insurance.

When you’re on your own, finding Cheap Life Insurance for you and your family can be a challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we understand. That’s why we offer affordable life insurance options that are easy to understand and flexible enough to fit your unique needs.

 Simplify the process of finding the quality affordable life insurance you need with Excalibur Brokerage. Get a free individual Life Insurance Quote. Your life needs are as unique as you are. Why should you settle for a one-size-fits-all life plan? Excalibur Brokerage offers a variety of customize-able plans and coverage options to complement the life you live.

 Request a free individual life insurance quote and lock-in an affordable life insurance rate today…

 For your free Term Life Insurance Quote from Excalibur Brokerage, simply complete the Free Quote Form. Term Life Insurance premiums vary by as much as 100%. Term Life Insurance Company’s recognize most consumers do not shop for their best price. Term Life Insurance should be viewed as a commodity. The best price with a high quality Term Life Insurance company should earn your business. We only quote Term Life Insurance policies from companies rated excellent or better for financial stability.

 When deciding to purchase a substantial item like a home or car, everyone shops around to compare pricing. Life insurance should be treated the same way and comparison shopping is a must in order to secure the best priced policy. When deciding on a life insurance policy, you want to secure the best rate for the same term policy that is offered from many different companies. Keep in mind that prices for the same coverage are in constant fluctuation and can significantly vary from company to company. This is why we are here for you! We do not leave you in the dust after sending you a quote on cheap life insurance. We will also help you finalize all the details. Our purpose is to help you secure the best possible price for your policy. For your FREE Term Life Insurance Quote from Excalibur Brokerage, simply complete our term life insurance quote form. Our goal is to try to make your experience in shopping for life insurance fast, simple, convenient, and above all – Right For YOU!



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